Rectangular 60 in. x 32 in. Single Threshold Shower Base

Rectangular 60 in. x 32 in. Single Threshold Shower Base

Why Choose Acrylic Shower Base?
Acrylic shower base is today's most popular options in bathrooms. It is a type of shower enclosure that prevents any type of water leaking or spilling from the bathroom shower floor. Advantages of Acrylic Shower Base are,
1. Durability: one of the most important also people's favorite advantages of Acrylic Shower Base.
2. Low maintenance: You can just wipe the base down with soup and water.
3. Waterproof: Acrylic is non-porous no need to worry about water leaking or damaged, because the base is already water proofed.
4. Stay Warm: Acrylic stays warm to the touch so you don't have to be concerned about the shocking of your feet touch the cold materials when you enter the shower.
A more economic choice other than tile, marble or a solid surface shower base - Since these bases are manufactured in large quantities, they will cost much less than any custom tile or solid surface bases.
Model Number
    • High quality stainless scratch and resistant acrylic
    • Low threshold design for easy entry and exit
    • Slip Resistant Texture Floor for safe showering
    • CUPC Certification


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